About Me

Who decided that girls only like princesses, rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns? At least that is what I usually find in the girls clothing sections! My name is Nerinda and I have always wanted to create clothing for girls that featured designs other than the predictable images you tend to find when shopping for girls tops. And while there's nothing wrong with those designs, I know personally from being a nanny for over 10 years and now a mom myself, that girls can also have interests in things like trains, bugs, airplanes, construction, dinosaurs, robots, etc. Designs that you'd typically find on boys clothes, and most likely in blue, red, or green. Unpredictable Girl is a place where you will find those typical "boy" designs, but in colors like pink, purple, yellow, etc. I also create t-shirts that feature positive and uplifting designs that any girl would be proud to wear!

Thanks for visiting Unpredictable Girl, where girls set the standards.